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Rheodyne manual injector and valve

Rheodyne 7125 7725 9725 manual hplc injector

Injectors are available with different liquid contact materials to accommodate sample pH ranges and the retention of biological activity

In titanium injectors the stainless steel parts which contact the liquid stream are replaced with titanium (7125Ti). All other parts remain standard. The rotor seal polymer is Tefzel (pH range is 0 to 14)

The Rheodyne 9725 is similar to the 7725 except the fluid stream does not contact metal so no metal ions dissolve into the stream. The stator and loop of the 9725 are made of PEEK.

Maximum pressure up to 48 MPa (SS, Titan)

Maximum pressure up to 34 MPa (PEEK)

Internal marking for program start (i versions)