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HPLC systems for liquid chromatography

We can configure for your applications HPLC system with manual injection or autosampler, chart recorder or computer hardware and data processing software. It can be equipped with column heater, switching valve for HPLC columns, degassing module for solvents, recycler and other additional options.

Gilson HPLC system

Gilson HPLC isocratic system with UV/VIS detector
Gilson gradient HPLC system with UV/VIS detector
Jasco HPLC system with UV/VIS detector
Jasco HPLC system with fluorescence detector
LabAlliance HPLC system with UV/VIS detector
TSP SpectraSYSTEM gradient HPLC system with UV/VIS detector
Waters HPLC system with UV/VIS detector

Stock of HPLC pumps, detectors and injectors

We provide full warranty for parts (except lamps, seals, plungers) on HPLC instruments

Training programs and hplc method development service

Intruments available from stock after cleared payment

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